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Classified ads are an effective form of marketing your products through advertisements which appear online or in newspapers. Classified advertisements are generally cheaper as compared to the large advertisements that are used by many business corporations. It is called “classified” because of the distribution of advertisements into numerous categories depending on the type of the product. For example, telephones - for sale, services - carpenter etc.

William A. Cohen, a renowned author of marketing and sales books, has a positively strong opinion about classified ads. He says that these ads bring a huge impact on your investments, a dollar for every dollar spent.

Classified advertisements can be published either in the print form on newspapers or periodicals that are sold free of charge, or on online websites especially designed for publicity and marketing of your products. Classified ads are mainly of two types: Ads by local business companies or individuals who advertise their personal goods. The only drawback of newspaper classified advertisements is that they do not allow publishing of images which makes it a bit difficult to visualize the product and therefore allow potential buyers to make a better decision.

One of the first online websites for the posting of classified advertisements was Craiglist. Various companies have now adopted online methods of posting classified advertisements because of its better efficiency to attract customers and the opportunity to publish images as well.

Another excellent website for posting classified advertisements is 4elife Classifieds. It is especially designed for business professionals to post their ads and provides an incredible forum to publicize their business. 4elife Classifieds has numerous sections included within specified Zones. You can market your business through text-based ads, using flash or banners. Besides, this website is also a valuable treasure for the non-business people and professionals who wish to market their goods, services or personal products that are not in use anymore. The main Classified Section and Directories are the two areas designated for such advertisements. You can post advertisements from your zones so that it attracts the local customers more effectively. The zones available are UK National County Classifieds, USA State Classified Ads, Australian Territories Classified Ads, Canadian Territories Classified Ads and Global Country Specific Classifieds.

The best way to market a product is through classified business because a three-line brief description of the goods or business will be better than a complete pamphlet offering the same as when creating classified ads the most important aspects of the product or service are more laser focused. This form of publicity is comparatively cheaper and inexpensive. The advertisements are also run regularly on the website for a long period of time so it builds a strong future business and establishes your credibility. People become familiar with your name and business and thus they do not hesitate to share your business or service with their loved ones.

The most unique classified advertisements require a great deal of creativity and artistic mind to completely explain the product and its advantage or salient feature in the briefest manner. The classified ads should be well-written and placed in the area which gathers the most customers for you. Thus its designing or writing and its location of publication matters a lot.



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One of the biggest problems people have with banner advertising is getting the people to click on the ads. The more people you can get to click on your banner ads, the more money you should make! In this article I want to show you exactly how you can increase your click through rates.

Stop Doing What Everyone Else Does...

The biggest mistake that people make online is they will often do what everyone else does because they think that if other people are doing something then it must work.

The reality is that just because people are running certain types of banner ads in your market does not mean they will work for you or that they even work at all.

If You Want To Get More People To Click On Your Ads Do This One Thing...

You need to focus on showing them how your site can help them achieve the highest level of transformation that they are trying to achieve.

You have to realize that if they are searching and reading about a topic that is really important to them it is likely because they have a pain they are trying to overcome and you need to show them how your site will help them overcome this pain.

The better job you can do of this in your marketing, the more people will click on your ad and come to your site.

Not only that, but you will make more money off of them because you did a great job at attracting the people who really need what you are offering verses just getting a bunch of online tire kickers who have no desire to to business with you.

You can advertise your banners on the 4eLife Ad Agency Network and reach thousands of people per day with your flash, image and text based banner ads. Click here to create your first ad campaign using keywords and GEO Trageting for better results.

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