Flash Banners Get Better CTR

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Flash Banners Get Better CTR Than Image Banners?

Have you created a static banner that isn't quite working? Are you disappointed that your banner Ad is not generating as many clicks as you thought it would? Chances are your banner is in the 'banner blindness' zone or maybe it's unable to stand out in the crowd. Banner blindness refers to the situation where people simply behave as if the banner does not exist. It's an illusion of ignorance that a person develops in frequent internet browsing. They tend to ignore banners and just concentrate on what they came for UNLESS your banner is capable of attracting the browsers attention - and keeping it there. Maybe it's time to opt for a flash banner that is guaranteed to attract and catch the reader's attention and interest.

A well planned and designed banner ad is capable of arresting the viewer's attention. Movement in a banner is easier to utilize for capturing attention than a stationary banner advertisement. This is the reason that flash banner ads work better at inviting clicks than the bland motionless banners. Flash technology may be effectively used to create a banner that is able to draw the reader's attention to its movement oriented design.

The reason that static banner ads do not work as much at attracting clicks is that they tend to blend into the background of the webpage and do not stand out as a different object. Websites which are children-oriented in their appeal especially need animated banner ads to get a child to click to see what happens. Cartoon characters and animation work very well in educational and games websites for children. The basic concept is consistent for all business domains though. As long as the flash banner ad is not too cluttered with content, it will invariably do its job of attracting a reader. And if you can hire a quality banner ad professional who can utilize his experience and understanding of your business to make the animation interesting and fun you have definitely got the viewer into the sales funnel.

Some valuable info on how you can make your Flash banner more effective:

a) Make it simple yet attractive. Simple animation would be easier to understand by your viewer.
b) Avoid using decorative fonts. The more the font is readable the better.
c) Use a strong Call to Action button or text at the end of the animation.

There is no hesitation in saying that Flash technology delivered by Adobe has taken banner ads to the next level with its potential and appeal.

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