Andy Raingold is a CPD accredited, happiness, goal setting, life purpose, and master life coach with diplomas in anatomy and physiology, advertising, and marketing.


I help people find their path in life and to create a compelling vision for their future by taking them through a unique six step process to enable them to better understand themsleves and their mind, and how to use it to become successful in everything that they do. 

The process I take my clients through include helping them to:

  • Discover a deeper understanding of themselves and where they are in their life right now. They are then more easily able to move into greater success and happiness and the life they truly want.
  • Eliminate bad habits, behaviors, addictions and beliefs to overcome these negative traits as they take their first steps towards a more compelling future.
  • Find their life purpose and then move way beyond purpose into creating a legacy through creating a masterful and compelling vision for their future by showing them how to best use their mind to view success and then live more successfully. In most cases this can be done instantly!
  • Turn their most ambitious dreams and visions into easy practical steps that takes them to the next level and becoming super productive and then move rapidly into their vision.
  • Develop confidence in their mindset and in the way they think by uncovering their negative self talk and instilling a more potent way of thinking and state of being that goes beyond mindset.

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Woodford Way, Chesterfield, England.

0843 523 0589


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